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Our music lessons

Dark Mountain Music stands as a beacon of musical inspiration in Edmonton and Calgary. We welcome students of all ages and skill levels to join us in exploring the world of music. Whether you're an aspiring virtuoso or a curious beginner, our dedicated instructors will guide you along your chosen path.

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Private Music Lessons

Trusted by 100’s of families and aspiring musicians in Alberta


Piano Lessons

Unlock the grandeur of the keys with our expert piano instructors.

Guitar Lessons

Strum your way to mastery with our guitar lessons.


Vocal & Singing Lessons

Elevate your voice with our vocal training sessions. 

Ukulele Lessons

Dive into the charming world of the ukulele with our specialized lessons. 

Drum Lessons

Feel the rhythm and beat with our expert drum lessons.


Bass Guitar Lessons

Groove to the low frequencies with our bass guitar lessons. 

DJ Lessons

Embrace the art of the turntables with our DJ lessons.

Music Production Lessons

Step into the realm of music production with our expert classes. 

Discover the Dark Mountain Music Difference

At Dark Mountain Music, we pride ourselves on being more than just a music school – we are a thriving community of musicians, educators, and learners who share a common love for the art of sound. With a commitment to delivering excellence in every note, we offer a range of music lessons designed to cater to various preferences and lifestyles.

Reasons to go with us?

    • Experienced Instructors Committed to Assisting You in Achieving Your Musical Aspirations!

    • Our proficient educators are fully devoted to aiding you in attaining your musical objectives. We offer lessons throughout the week, granting you the flexibility to opt for lesson timings that seamlessly align with your schedule.

    • Experience the convenience of having an instructor come to your location, sparing you the time and energy typically required to commute to your lessons promptly.

    • Find solace in the fact that your child is in the comfort of your own home, where you have the capability to oversee, and if desired, even participate in or observe the lesson. Safety stands as our utmost priority, and we take immense pride in knowing that parents can actively monitor their child’s learning journey.

    • Our music teachers possess either a Degree or a Diploma in their respective fields, or hold equivalent experience on their instruments. This assurance ensures that you will receive high-quality lessons from any of our instructors. Moreover, all our teachers have undergone comprehensive background checks.

Join Dark Mountain Music Today!

Enrich your life with the gift of music. Join the Dark Mountain Music community and embark on a journey that transcends boundaries and resonates with the soul. Whether you’re looking for in-home music lessons, online classes, or studio experiences, our music academy in Edmonton and Calgary is here to guide you every step of the way.
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