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Is your piano sounding and looking like an overpriced hunk of wood that’s been rotting in the jungle for a century? Wobbly, cracked, out of tune, and never-working pedals? You’re not alone, though. Unfortunately, in this day and age of digital keyboards, piano neglect is sweeping the country at never-before-seen proportions. Fortunately, Dark Mountain Music has arrived to save the day! Let us begin by clearing up one issue. Your piano is more than a decorative element. It’s a complicated instrument with many different parts. Your piano is deserving of all the love and attention in the world. In this post, we’ll go over eight key methods for getting your ivories back in shape.

1. Regular Tuning

You know pianos have strings right? You’d tune a guitar wouldn’t you? When the temperature and humidity changes it can cause your piano’s strings to expand or contract. This can result in a change in pitch. Hire a qualified piano technician (yes, that’s a real thing) to tune your piano at least once or twice a year to keep it in perfect harmony. Nobody wants to play out of tune!

2. Effective Humidity Control

Let’s talk about how picky pianos are with their humidity! Pianos can be babies to moisture changes, swelling up or cracking if things get too damp or dry for them. If you wanna go the extra mile, Use a hydrometer and keep it in the sweet spot with 40-45% humidity in your piano room. You can go full fancy pants with a piano humidity control system or opt for a room humidifier/dehumidifier. Remember, the piano’s the diva – we’re just here to keep it in tune!

3. Thorough Cleaning and Dusting

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of piano TLC, shall we? Think of it like giving your piano a spa day – cleaning and dusting are the name of the game! You’ll want to be gentle, though. Grab a soft, clean, slightly damp cloth to lovingly wipe those keys and caress that cabinet. No rough stuff with harsh chemicals or abrasive materials. We’re all about keeping that piano’s finish smooth and happy. And when it comes to the strings and soundboard, use a feather duster to whisk away all that pesky dust. Your piano will thank you with beautiful tunes!

4. Protection from Sunlight

Alright, here’s the deal: your piano might look all glamorous in the sun, but trust us, it’s a diva when it comes to extended exposure. Too much sun, and it’ll start drying up like a forgotten houseplant, and we’ve already got too many of those. So, here’s a tip: give your piano some shade! Position it away from those windows or, if you’re feeling fancy, throw some curtains or blinds its way.

5. Regular Inspection

Did you inspect your piano today? NO? That’s okay, me neither. No need to babysit your piano all day. However, keep an eye out for any piano shenanigans like wear and tear, loose bits and bobs, and suspicious sounds. If you spot anything, don’t wait! Call in the pros – those piano technicians know their stuff. Trust us. Plus, who wants to break the bank on major repairs when a little TLC now can save you from all that.

6. Invest in a Piano Cover

Come on now. You bought a cover for your BBQ but not your piano? Piano covers will shield those precious keys from all sorts of dust invaders. But here’s the trick: go for one made of breathable stuff that won’t trap moisture. We wouldn’t want your piano to turn into a sauna, right? These may not look the best so be prepared to consistently undress it when you play or use it for longer periods of storage.

7. Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Let’s talk about how to treat your piano right when it comes to temperature. Your piano is a bit of a diva, sensitive to the surroundings. So, steer clear of parking it next to those heating vents, radiators, or AC units. You see, when the temperature in your home is as stable as Alberta’s weather. Your piano’s wooden parts might start to swell and shrink, and that’s not a good vibe for its structural health. Keep it comfy, not too hot, not too cold, and your piano will keep playing those lovely tunes!

8. Play Your Piano Regularly

This one should go without saying but PLAY YOUR PIANO! You see, tickling the ivories frequently is like giving your piano a good exercise – it keeps its mechanical parts in good shape, keeps those hammers from turning into stubborn rocks, and keeps the keys dancing like nobody’s business. Spending quality time with your piano, whether you’re a novice or a master, is like giving it a spa day. So let’s keep the music playing!


Now we know that our piano is not just a set of keys and strings; it’s like a high-maintenance, but cherished, family member that carries memories and joy through the ages. To keep that beautiful connection alive, follow our 8 simple maintenance tips. Your piano will repay you with beautiful music for generations to come (if you’ve been keeping up with your practice of course). Make the vow today to stop piano neglect!

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