Dark Mountain Music



Teaches: Guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, music production

About Christian

With a rich history spanning over two decades in the music scene, Christian emerges as a genuinely skilled and adaptable guitar guru. Beyond being a guitar virtuoso, he effortlessly weaves melodies on bass, crafts synth harmonies, and beats out rhythms on the drums. Christian’s connection to music extends beyond the strings, having jammed with two metal bands and worked behind the scenes as a studio engineer, facilitating the digital symphony on streaming platforms. This diverse experience isn’t just a resume; it’s a testament to his genuine passion for the craft. He seamlessly channels this passion into his teaching, offering students more than just a lesson—it’s a journey of musical discovery. Christian’s commitment doesn’t stop at proficiency; he’s always on the lookout for fresh teaching approaches, staying in tune with industry trends to ensure his students experience the very best. His love for music and unwavering dedication make Christian a standout guitar mentor, connecting with learners at every level.