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meet our teachers


Fabio is a talented music instructor, specializing in guitar, piano, and ukulele. He graduated from MacEwan University and is passionate about helping his students explore their innate musical abilities through fun and engaging lessons. Fabio firmly believes that everyone has the potential to be a musician and provides a supportive environment free of stress and anxiety for both adults and children to grow their passion and develop their musicality. With his guidance, students can discover the joy of making music and unlock their full potential as musicians.


Julia is a talented musician and experienced music teacher based in Edmonton, Alberta. With over 10 years of teaching experience, she offers lessons in piano, vocals, guitar, and ukulele to students of all ages and skill levels. Julia’s impressive education includes studying at the prestigious Juilliard School of Music, where she majored in piano performance. Her extensive training and expertise enable her to provide students with a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of music theory and performance techniques. Julia has a passion for teaching and a commitment to helping her students achieve their musical goals, whether that means mastering a difficult piece or simply discovering the joy of playing music.


Chancé Snethun is a private vocal coach with a passion for music. After graduating from NAIT with a radio diploma, she pursued her musical degree at MacEwan University. With intermediate guitar skills and extensive training in vocal techniques, music recording and production, music theory, and piano, Chance is a well-rounded musician. Her teaching philosophy focuses on developing students’ vocal abilities and unique musicality, helping them sing with ease and accuracy. Using a range of engaging vocal exercises and warm-ups, Chance’s coaching will unlock your full potential as a singer.

Yingying (Katrina)

Yingying (Katrina) Wei is a highly skilled pianist and dedicated music educator. With an impressive Level 9 Central Conservatory of Music in Piano qualification, equivalent to Level 10 RCM, Katrina possesses a deep understanding of classical and contemporary music styles. She has over a year of full-time experience teaching piano and theory to students of all ages and levels. From guiding beginners through their first notes to preparing advanced students for grade exams and on-stage performances, Katrina demonstrates a versatile teaching approach. Her passion for music and teaching is evident in her self-motivated nature and constant exploration of unique and effective methods to inspire her students. Katrina’s commitment to nurturing students’ technical skills, musical expression, and motivation has resulted in notable improvements among her pupils.


Cam Steele is a teacher, performer, and composer in Edmonton. He performs regularly in Edmonton in various contemporary styles from rock, blues, jazz, RnB, funk, and popular music. Cam also plays as a solo guitarist inspired by great fingerstyle players and classical repertoire. Cam values teaching music as a language and creates a space where students start making music within their first lesson. Cam also offers instruction in music technology, electronic production, songwriting, and orchestration. Lessons with Cam are constructed around learning how to really play the music students want to do! Cam holds a Music Diploma and a Bachelor of Music Composition from MacEwan University, and is currently pursuing a degree in Music Education from the University of Alberta.


Evelyn Marie Schaffer (She/Her) is an accomplished Soprano known for her international performances in Hungary, Austria, and France, specializing in art songs and opera. She holds a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from the University of Alberta’s Augustana Campus and continues to hone her craft through private vocal training and ongoing studies in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy at Concordia University of Edmonton. Evelyn’s talent has earned her awards, including the prestigious Wirth Institute scholarship, and she brings her classical training to life in diverse roles on both opera and theatre stages.



Kateryna is a dedicated piano teacher based in the vibrant city of Calgary. Her lifelong passion for teaching has driven her to pursue excellence in music education. In 2019, she proudly earned her Masters degree in piano from the renowned R.Glier Kyiv Institute of Music, solidifying her expertise in the field. Kateryna possesses an unwavering desire to make a positive impact on people’s lives through the power of music. She firmly believes that music is a universal language, one that can be effortlessly tailored to students of all ages, and she is here to guide you on your musical journey, helping you unlock the wonders of this universal art form.


Chelsea is a highly accomplished music educator with an impressive 20-year piano teaching career, located in Edmonton. Her dedication to nurturing each student’s musical talent and instilling a deep love for music has earned her a well-deserved reputation as a respected figure in the field of music education. Chelsea holds a Grade 10 Royal Conservatory of Music certification and specializes in classical and technical playing and performance. Chelsea enjoys teaching various genres of music, recognizing, and embracing the unique learning needs and potential that each individual student brings. Her “fun first” approach ensures that learning music is not only educational but also an enjoyable and enriching experience for her students.

Lok Yiu

Lok Yiu is a seasoned piano teacher in Calgary, began her piano journey at age five, achieving ABRSM Grade 8 by twelve. With eight years of teaching experience, she has worked with diverse students, from children to adults. Her background in early-childhood education equips her with patience, creativity, and effective communication skills, making her an ideal mentor for young learners. Lok Yiu is dedicated to nurturing and inspiring students to reach their full musical potential. Join her in unlocking the joy of piano playing in Calgary.


Alex initiated his musical odyssey at the age of ten and furthered his skills through studies at the National Music Academy of Ukraine. He expanded his musical prowess by engaging with international performing and recording artists through lessons and master classes. Over the course of 25 years, Alex has continually found joy in music creation, fuelled by praise from global artists, audiences, and students. This acclaim, alongside his fulfilling musical career, has granted him a rich and satisfying life. He eagerly anticipates the opportunity to share his unwavering passion for music with his students.


Ben, an avid guitarist since age 10, has spent the last decade performing as a solo artist and with various bands, covering a wide repertoire of songs and crafting original music. Notably, his Pop/Rock band, Saint Loe, achieved recognition with their single ‘Faking Love’ earning the title of BBC Radio Shropshire’s ‘Song of the Month.’ In 2018, Ben graduated with First Class Honours in Commercial Music and has since been dedicated to sharing his passion by teaching the guitar. His mission is to ensure a positive and fulfilling musical journey for every student, catering to all ages and abilities.